Van Tran Move Makes Sacramento Bee's “Worst” List

There's no doubt that three months before the November election polling showed Orange County Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez might be in danger of losing to Little Saigon state Assemblyman Van Tran.

To thwart Tran's potential rise, Sanchez–already known as a tireless campaigner–doubled her efforts. She even brought Bubba to Santa Ana where the ex-president told an adoring crowd that Sanchez had earned their respect in Congress.
Tran responded with an Anaheim rally with Sarah Palin and an infamous campaign move that has placed him (and his consulting firm) on the Sacramento Bee's political “worst” list for 2010.


According to the Bee, Tran and Missouri-based Axiom Strategies won “worst new campaign tactic” for their anti-Sanchez scratch and sniff mailer that more than implied the Santa Ana Democrat was trash–or, at least, stinks like trash. 

​The paper said the mailer earned “a special sulfurous spot in campaign hell.”
There's another OC connection in the list.
Santa Ana chiropractic insurance king and ex-state Republican Party boss Michael J. Schroeder served in the inner circle of Steve Poizner's campaign for governor. In the race against Meg Whitman for the GOP nomination to face Jerry Brown, Poizner “decided to pander to xenophobes, blaming illegal immigration for nearly all of the state's ills,” according to the Bee
In response, the paper pegged Poizner as committing 2010's “worst pander.”
You may recall that Whitman, who had her own pandering issues, trounced Poizner by nearly 40 percentage points.
Other categories identified by the Bee include:
–Worst ballot initiative;
–Worst strategic decision by a politician;
–Worst concealment of public information;
–Worst watchdog.
Read the entire list HERE.
–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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