Van Tran N Loretta Sanchez Finally Agree on Something

Tran (left) and Sanchez (right)

After weeks of bitter attacks on the other candidate, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and Van Tran, her Republican challenger in November, finally have reached agreement on a single topic.

That topic: There's a candidate in this allegedly narrow race whose top priority is self-enrichment.

It's just that Sanchez is pointing at Tran and Tran is pointing at Sanchez.

Today's mailboxes in the district were stuffed with four, yep, four ads from Tran and one from Sanchez.

Tran's ad themes are:

–“Van Tran: Fighting to create jobs and grow our economy.”
–“Van Tran: Our Values. Our Priorities . . . The Truth About Van Tran . . . My family has always been my top priority, not spending time with lobbyists. I have to forgive my opponent because she doesn't know what that's like.”
–“Loretta Sanchez's Failed Record . . . After 14 years in Congress,
Loretta Sanchez has only passed 1 law! It named a post office.”


–“Loretta Sanchez: Lavish Perks and Pay Increases . . . Career
politician Loretta Sanchez is personally attacking Van Tran and his
family to hide from her record.”

But Sanchez went positive today. She had nothing more about Tran living lavishly on state assemblyman perks. Her lone piece is a four-page, high-definition glossy: “A
homegrown leader with deep roots in our community . . . Nobody will
fighter harder for Orange County than Loretta Sanchez . . . Putting
Orange County families first and standing up to special interests.”

–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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