Valley HS Students Chant Down Santa Ana School Board Member Ceci Iglesias at Football Game!

Valley High School students chanted “Go home, Ceci!” at Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) board member Ceci Iglesias during last night's football game at their home field. It's a new school year, but Iglesias learned the hard way that students won't let her live down comments she made dissing Valley at a Segerstrom High School graduation ceremony this June. 

“We didn't have Segerstrom back there, so I went to Valley,” Iglesias said of her school days during the ceremony. See, Segerstrom is a newer high school in the wealthier part of town, making Iglesias' statements all the more awful. Segerstrom students booed Valley High School, much to her delight. “I got a reaction; that's what I wanted to get!”

Oh, did she ever! In the aftermath, a petition calling on the school board to keep Iglesias out of all Valley High School events gained more than 1,300 signatures. In the end, petitions are boring and the demands didn't go anywhere. But when Iglesias showed up to Valley's game against Santa Ana High School last night, she learned that her words still stirred up the Falcon's nest. 
According to folks at the game, Iglesias walked by the Valley side of the stands when the first chants of “Go home, Ceci!” broke out to the tune of the marching band's drums. The first chant lasted for almost a minute, before another shorter-lived one broke out while Ceci stood on the field. The fun lasted until ASB killjoys got the kids to stop. By that time, Iglesias walked over to the Santa Ana High School fan stands. 

Well, at least Iglesias has accomplished one thing during her time on the school board. Thanks to her graduation remarks, the kiddos sure have taken a keen interest in local government!

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