U.S. IKEA Stores Put Stickers on Meatballs, Letting Consumers Know There's No Horse Meat!

So as we sat down to our usual so-cheap-it-might-as-well-be-free-breakfast at the IKEA in Costa Mesa, my better half notices a sticker on the poster board with a picture of their meatball plate on it.

As shown above, it said, quite plainly, “Our meatballs are from a US supplier — sourced from US and Canada only. Only beef and pork meat products used. 100% USDA approved.”


It was, of course, a response to the recent revelation that IKEA stores in Europe, as with Burger King and Taco Bell, have discovered there were trace amounts of horse meat in their beef products.

Since IKEA is on this sticker kick, might I also suggest labels on some of their cheaper wood furniture that tells people it's not actually made out of wood, but rather cardboard

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