[UPDATED WITH SENTENCING] 80-year-old Long Beach Jewel Thief Strikes Again–And Gets a Movie About Her Life Starring Halle Berry

UPDATE, FEB. 10, 11:30 A.M.: 

The jewel thief has been sentenced to the maximum of five years in prison. Doris Payne told NBC San Diego that she suffers from a serious lung disease and hopes the judge will give her an appeal bail so she can seek medical attention.

ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 14, 3:10 P.M.: Doris Payne, international jewel thief, has struck again, snatching an $8,900 diamond ring from a Macy's in San Diego. She was convicted Wednesday of grand theft and burglary, and could face more than five years in prison, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.


Payne, 80, lives in Long Beach
and has a rap sheet at least six feet long. She claims to have pilfered
bling from New York to Monte Carlo to Tokyo. Last year, her sticky
fingers ventured into designer apparel and she was arrested for
shoplifting a $1,300 Burberry​ trench coat from Saks Fifth Avenue at
South Coast Plaza.

She fancy, huh?

If it was fame Payne was looking for, it seems that she's gotten it. Hollywood has picked up her better-than-fiction story, as she is the subject of an upcoming film starring Halle Berry, titled Who is Doris Payne? It is unclear whether the film will be released.  

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