[UPDATED with Navy Taking Over Probe of Corpsman Daniel Morgan:] Bomb Threat Clears San Clemente High School

UPDATE, SEPT. 12, 8:55 A.M.: Because no bombs were discovered at San Clemente High School, nor has any evidence of crime turned up outside Camp Pendleton involving Navy medic Daniel Morgan, the 22-year-old corpsman will not be charged in Orange County courts.

That does not mean Morgan is off the hook, however. Naval
Criminal Investigative Services is still investigating him because he allegedly left a journal in his Camp Pendleton barracks stating he had left an “incendiary device” at San
Clemente High.

As San Clemente Times reports, the incident certainly will have cost taxpayers when all is said and done.

Besides Navy, school district and sheriff's department's San Clemente police services officials, the FBI, ATF, a counter-terrorism team, the U.S. Marine Corps, deputies from Dana Point and San
Juan Capistrano, the sheriff's SWAT team and bomb
squad and a regional school team called SMART were all mobilized to deal with the threat.

UPDATE, SEPT. 8, 12:20 P.M.: Navy medic Daniel Morgan has
left the Camp Pendleton hospital he turned himself in to around 2 p.m.
Wednesday and is now in military custody, according to a 1st Marine
Expeditionary Force spokesman at the base.

Now it is up to
authorities to determine if the 22-year-old corpsman accused of making a
bomb threat that evacuated San Clemente High School Wednesday should
face military or civilian charges.

Or both, presumably.

Morgan's barracks were searched after he failed to return from a four-day leave. A journal there stated he had placed an “incendiary device”  at San
Clemente High. That led to a lockdown that had the school's 3,200 students and 180 staffers moved to the football field and later the gym. The Orange County Sheriff's bomb squad found no such device after a five-hour search, and the campus resumed normal operations today, the second day of the school year.

According to the Capistrano Unified School District, Morgan did not attend San Clemente High nor does he have any known connections to the school or the district.

So, while officials determine whether Morgan will be prosecuted in a military or civilian setting, investigators get to figure out why he allegedly targeted that particular school.

UPDATE, SEPT. 7, 5:19 P.M.: AWOL Navy medic Daniel Morgan turned himself in to a Camp Pendleton hospital this afternoon, according to authorities.

Morgan had written a note suggesting bombs have been planted at San Clemente High School, which was temporarily evacuated this morning.

No word yet on charges against the 22-year-old.

UPDATE, SEPT. 7, 1:38 P.M.: The Orange County Sheriff's
Department has released the name of the Navy corpsman who disappeared
from Camp Pendleton but left behind writings suggesting bombs have been
planted at San Clemente High School.

He is 22-year-old Daniel Morgan,
who was absent without authorization this morning and last seen on the
base Tuesday night. He is believed to be driving a white Jeep Wrangler
with a
black top and California license plate 6NKZ930.

His writings revealed no motives for planting explosive devices on the campus, deputies said.

The campus of 3,200 students and 180 faculty and staffers remains on lockdown, although a commenter to this post says everyone's been moved from the football
field to the gym.

ORIGINAL POST, SEPT. 7, 11:20 A.M.: What's the best news you could receive on the first day of school?

That school has been canceled.

Clemente High School's 3,200 students were evacuated to the football
field today after Camp Pendleton officials discovered writings in a
missing naval officer corpsman's residence indicated bombs were planted around campus.

The disturbing message was scrawled in a notebook found after the officer corpsman failed to report to work. The school was informed around 8:45 a.m.

At last word, the Orange County Sheriff's Department bomb squad was searching the campus on Avenida Pico for incendiary devices. Parents were told to stay away during the investigation. However, they can call the school district rumor control hotline at 949.234.5575 for updates.

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