[UPDATED with Mesa Results:] Newport Beach and Costa Mesa Target Drunk Drivers

​UPDATE, APRIL 11, 8:39 A.M.: The Costa Mesa Police Department has released the results of its DUI checkpoint at Newport Boulevard and 17th Street on Saturday night:

A total of 2,127 vehicles passed through the checkpoint; 611 vehicles screened; 9 drivers given field sobriety tests; 6 DUI suspects arrested; 12 driver's license investigations; 13 citations issued; 11 vehicles towed.

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 8, 8:26 A.M.: The Newport Beach Police Department holds a DUI checkpoint from 9 p.m. tonight until 3 a.m. Saturday on northbound Jamboree Road at Santa Barbara Drive.

Costa Mesa cops host their own from 7 p.m. Saturday to 1 a.m. Sunday on Newport Boulevard at 17th Street.

In other buzz-killery, starting today and continuing throughout the school spring break period, Newport Beach's blue crew will be concentrating their efforts on youths breaking curfew.

Illustration by Jay Brockman/OC Weekly
Don't drink like a fish!

Mackerel Flats' curfew ordinance prohibits anyone under age 18 from loitering in public streets, alleys and other public places between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. daily. Additional information about Zooport's law can be found here.

Besides targeting drivers under the influence, police manning tonight's checkpoints will be ensuring those who pass through are licensed to drive. Newport Beach PD's Traffic Division will also be handing out informational packets to motorists.

Cops chose those locations based on their proximity to bars and restaurants.

Operation funding is provided by grants from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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