[UPDATED with Jump Confirmed:] Did a Man Leap From Huntington Pier?

UPDATE, JULY 28, 2:54 P.M.: And the answer is . . . he jumped.

According to Huntington Beach Police Lt. Russ Reinhart, Surf City cops believe a 27-year-old Garden Grove resident jumped from the Huntington Beach Pier late Tuesday night and did not fall.

Asked if it was a suicide attempt, Reinhart declined to offer further details, saying only, “Our belief is that he jumped and did not fall.”

Reinhart added that the man's identity is not being released at the request of his family.

ORIGINAL POST, JULY 27, 2:35 P.M.: Authorities don't know for sure. What is known is that Huntington Beach Police, paramedics and lifeguards responded to the north side of the Huntington Pier late last night after an unidentified man reportedly plunged into the water.

“A fisherman called us and said he heard a splash and saw a guy in the water,” said Police Lt. Russ Rienhart. “We don't know if he jumped or fell.”

Reinhart added that after the unconscious man was pulled from the water, he was revived by rescuers and transported to a local hospital where his condition is unknown. According to Deputy Fire Marshall Jeff Lopez, it was a city
lifeguard who performed the rescue.

Huntington Beach police are
currently trying to find out the identity of the man and how he ended up
in the water.

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