[UPDATED with God's Motive:] 3.9 Earthquake Shakes OC

UPDATE, APRIL 20, 11:20 A.M.: In addition to shaky stories, we should share with one another the reason God punished us with this earthquake–because as Pat Robertson will tell you, there can be no other reason for seismic activity than a vengeful deity. Gay marriage? The ACLU caravan coming to Santa Ana? “mississaugamovers” fucking with my comments? Let's open the floor to your ideas . . .

UPDATE, APRIL 23, 11:08 A.M.: The earthquake that shook Orange County–including my precious office–this morning registered 3.9 on the Richter Scale, the U.S. Geological
Service reports.

It was centered 1 mile west of San Juan Capistrano, 3 miles southeast of
Laguna Niguel and 14 miles southeast of Irvine, according to the agency, which adds it struck at 10:37 a.m. (See the time of my original post below).

Any of ya'll in South County got at shaky stories to tell? Leave 'em in our comments.

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 23, 10:37:55 A.M.: The ground under my checkered Vans just rumbled and the light over my head shook, which means we just experienced an earthquake that was felt near John Wayne Airport, or I gotta lay off the Scotch and Red Bull for breakfast.

You will be filled in on the deets when they arrive.

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