[UPDATED with Dumper Caught?] Dirty Diapers Raise Stink in Corona del Mar

See Update No. 2 at the end of this post about police possibly apprehending the dirty diaper dumper.

See Update No. 1 about East Coast Highway's dirty diaper pile rising.

ORIGINAL POST, SEPT. 6, 6:06 A.M.: You may think living in Corona del Mar is the shit, but a serial dirty diaper dumper has literally made it so.

Make that a serial dirty adult diaper dumper.

Ewwwwww, indeed.

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Beginning last summer and continuing through last May, someone turned the Sea Crown upside-down by leaving dozens of soiled, adult-sized diapers out in the tony seaside community's streets.

The pee and poop collectors seemed to have been concentrated along East Coast Highway between Cameo Highlands Drive and Morning Canyon Road. They first started showing up every few months and then, by last winter, every few weeks. It got so bad that cyclists had to swerve to avoid them like roadkill, as city clean-up crews could not remove them fast enough.

Newport Beach Code Enforcement tried to set up a stinky sting operation, but that proved impossible when no suspect pee- or poop-petrator was caught in the act. Had the depositor been apprehended–and after hopefully some time with wet naps–he or she would have been subject to fines starting at $100 for throwing garbage in streets and other public places.
Since the dirty diaper dumper could still be out there, anyone witnessing him or her in action is asked to call Newport Beach General Services at 949.644.3055. Until then, Corona del Martians can only pray a bread truck does not spill bran muffins onto East Coast Highway.

UPDATE, SEPT. 26, 1:53 P.M.: A Caltrans employee informed Newport Beach Police around 1:45 p.m. Thursday that two more soiled, adult-size diapers had been discovered on East Coast Highway in Corona del Mar.

A PU-SI unit cannot be formed soon enough. The short-straw taker in the crime lab will get stuck performing the forensics on the crap catcher. And you don't want to see the photo lineup.

UPDATE, SEPT. 26, 2:47 P.M.: The Laguna Beach Police Department believes they have the dirty diaper dumper. Detectives watching a previously soiled stretch of Coast Highway found bags containing used adult diapers on Monday.

But that's not all that was inside one bag.

An envelope from a Fullerton medical office led investigators to suspect an employee there who resides in the gated Newport Coast community of million-dollar homes, reports the Orange County Register.

Cops watched the home until the fellow drove off in his Lexus, which was later pulled over–with a bag of dirty diapers in the passenger seat, according to the Reg.

The unidentified man was not arrested. The police departments of beaches Laguna and Newport are reportedly working on a case to take to district attorney.

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