[UPDATED with Cupid's Online Memorial:] Cops Shoot and Kill Pit Bull Then Disagree With Owner Over Why

UPDATE, DEC. 19, 9:05 A.M.: The owner of a Huntington Beach mobile home declined to speak with the Weekly on the record as he pursues legal remedies, but a Facebook page has been set up in memory of his late 3-year-old pit bull Cupid, who was shot to death by police on Dec. 8. “This page has been created to find a reason for WHY the Huntington Beach Police KILLED Cupid the Pit Bull,” reads the description on Cupid the Pit Bull (killed by Police).

A Huntington Beach City Attorney's Office investigator and two officers and a sergeant from
the police department knocked on the door of the home at Ocean View Estates Mobile Home Park because, they claim, they were investigating whether it had been abandoned. Owner Bob Conger, who resides full time in Sacramento and had his 24-year-old son, Casey Conger, staying there, later explained he was eight days late with his lease payment.

After no one answered the door of Conger's mobile home, the city search party entered through an open window. According to the police report, Cupid then rushed into the same room and tried to bite on officer. The dog was then shot three times.

According to press reports at the time, Conger claimed the officers entered his mobile home unlawfully and that Cupid was just protecting his
territory. The shooting left Casey Conger, who was briefly detained by police, distraught.

Some have suggested on Cupid's Facebook page that a petition be circulated demanding that the officers who fired at the dog be suspended until the case is investigated. Among the comments:

  • I think the cops came there
    with the intention of shooting this dog, and they should be sued big
    time! There has got to be a stop to the senseless killing of people's
    dogs by police for NO GOOD REASON!

  • What the hell were they thinking??? Climbing through the window like a burglar! To bad the Cupid didn't get to them first!!!!

  • They can't just come in and not announce themselves… and without a warrant!!!

  • More jackasses acting like cops. I hate this type of cop. I'm sorry for the loss of Cupid.

  • [The officers] need to be charged…fired…and serve time behind bars!!!!

ORIGINAL POST, DEC. 9, 9:21 A.M.: A pit bull who did not necessarily flash the look depicted by the
unrelated puppy at right was shot and killed by a police officer in a
Huntington Beach mobile home Thursday morning.

Cops say they
entered the Ocean View Estates Mobile Home Park trailer through an open
window after receiving complaints of squatters, but the homeowner claims
officers entered unlawfully and his dog was protecting his territory.

Jaimee Lynn Fletcher reports in the Orange County Register that a City Attorney's Office investigator and two officers and a sergeant from the Huntington Beach Police Department went to what was supposed to be an abandoned mobile home, knocked on the door and received no response. They then entered through an open window and the dog that barked at and tried to bite on officer was shot three times, according to police.

Homeowner Bob Conger, who resides in Sacramento, counters in the same piece that his 24-year-old son had his permission to stay in the mobile home and that everyone residing at the park at 7051 Ellis Ave. knew that.

He also claims his “distraught” son, Casey Conger, who was initially detained and then released, was told by the city official they were there because the rent was late and the trailer had possibly been abandoned. Bob Conger maintains the officers should not have entered without a search warrant, and he has filed a formal complaint with the police department.

A police spokesman tells Fletcher there have been numerous complaints in the past about the “vicious” dog, and that the pit bull had once attacked a Fountain Valley cop arresting Conger.

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