[UPDATED with Conviction:] Ivan Sanchez Faces 50 Years for Murder That Began With Fight Over Mexico's Best State

See Update No. 2 at the end of this post on Ivan Sanchez's conviction.

See Update No. 1 on Sanchez's trial opening.

ORIGINAL POST, SEPT. 7, 4:14 P.M.: Nineteen-year-old gang member Ricardo Guerra
was sentenced today to 40 years to life in state prison for the unprovoked shooting-murder of Esteban
outside of Mariscos La Ola restaurant
in Santa Ana on Feb. 13, 2011.

That was the killing of a bystander to a fight over the best state in Mexico.

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Rocha, who was 17 at the time of the crime, was convicted by a jury in June on one
felony count of murder, one felony count of street terrorism, and
sentencing enhancements for the vicarious discharge of a firearm causing
death by a gang member and criminal street gang activity.

During sentencing today, the wife, mother and brother
35-year-old Navarrete left behind presented impact statements to the court describing the devastation of
losing their best friend, husband and son, according to a statement from the Orange County District Attorney's office.

Speaking of family, Ricardo Rocha's sister, Maria Isabel Rocha, 30, has a pre-trial hearing scheduled for Sept. 19 on pretty much the same charges as her brother. The trial for alleged triggerman Ivan Sanchez, 23, is set to begin Sept. 18. (*See update below.)

Navarette had been eating with others when a fight between diners at other tables turned into a melee that spilled out
into the restaurant's parking lot. As the combatants began breaking up
and going their own ways, Navarrete informed his party it would be a
good time to leave. He was shot to death when some of those involved in the argument over which state in Mexico is best returned and opened fire on Navarrete as he was getting into his vehicle.

Described as a family man and hard worker at St. Joseph Hospital in
Orange for
15 years, Navarette was declared brain dead days after the shooting
before his family gathered around his hospital bed as he was taken off
life support.

to the Santa Ana Police Department, the Rochas and Sanchez were
identified through the aid of an anonymous tip from someone who
recognized the alleged shooter and surveillance video from Mariscos La
Ola. The video also confirmed that Navarrete only glanced over as the
incident unfolded in the restaurant and that he never got involved.

Sanchez was arrested attempting to flee to Mexico, where he had never been
before. Maria and Ricardo Rocha turned
themselves in to Santa Ana Police on Feb. 18, 2011.

UPDATE NO. 1, SEPT. 26, 6:01 A.M.: The murder trial for alleged triggerman Ivan Sanchez is scheduled to begin today in Santa Ana.

The 23-year-old Santa Ana man could send him to prison for 50 years with a conviction on a felony count of murder with a sentencing enhancement for personal discharge of a firearm causing death.

An Orange County District Attorney's office statement accuses Sanchez of shooting Esteban Navarrete once in the head, killing him, and firing several more rounds around the Mariscos La
Ola parking lot that, luckily, did not hit anyone.

A pre-trial hearing for Maria Rocha is now scheduled for Sept. 28.

UPDATE NO. 2, SEPT. 27, 5:13 P.M.: A jury today convicted Sanchez of the charges against him. A sentencing hearing where he could get up to 50 years to life in state prison is scheduled Dec. 7.

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