[UPDATED with Confirmation:] Peggy Tanous a Real OC Housewife No More?

UPDATE, OCT. 4, 5:58 P.M.: Reality TV Magazine says Peggy Tanous has confirmed she'll be off The Real Housewives of Orange County next season. Days before, she denied rumors Bravo had fired her, expressing  excitement over filming the next season later this month. Now, Tanous is claiming she decided to leave the popular series after just one season.

Today's confusion is brought to you by Facebook, where Tanous has been busy spinning her side of the story.

To backup, responding to a fan who asked via Twitter whether Tanous had been “kicked off” the show,” @PeggyTanous tweeted on Sept. 5, “Of
course not. Start filming next week!!! Thanks for your support!”

That sure doesn't sound like the Peggy Tanous who just fired this off via Facebook: “After months of negotiation and soul searching, I have declined
[Bravo's] offer to return to the show.” She added that “I just felt in my heart that
being around the negative energy of certain cast members, being forced
to have 'dramatic' confrontations and the time it would take me away
from my family was just not a healthy path for me.”

Last season, the unreal reality show featured a thread where Tanous had a falling out with her former BFF Alexis Bellino.

So, what's ahead for Irvine's dimmest light bulb? She claims to be launching her own wine with her amateur magician husband Micah Tanous. Betcha it's a Sauvignon Blank Stare.

ORIGINAL POST, OCT. 4, 4:34 P.M.: Peggy Tanous, we hardly knew ye!

If a published report is to be believed, Bravo has fired the Irvine airhead after only one season on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

“Peggy joins a long list of
Orange County housewives who just ran for one season then was left on
the side of the road by Bravo. Peggy did her best to get into the cool
kids club with Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson even turning against her long-time friend Alexis Bellino
just to try to be popular but it was an epic failure. Fans didn't like
her and her fellow housewives don't seem all that upset about losing

LNC claims the longest running housewife in the history of
the franchise confirmed during 
the Atlantic City opening of the Housewives
tour–yes, ladies and germs, there apparently is such a trainwreck–
that Tanous will be out when filming begins on a goddamn seventh season later this month.

“Peggy's not going to be joining us this year
so we have a new cast member-you have to watch what happens with her,” Gunvalson reportedly said. “I
just met her a couple of times so I think it's going to be OK.”¬†

OK maybe for you, beotch, but what about us?

Alas, here are our favorite Peggy Tanous hits:

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