[UPDATED With Answer] Where Is Dave Eating?

[UPDATED, Nov. 3, Noon] This seems to have been giving people a lot of trouble. Part of it is that sautéed greens all look alike, but the clues should have honed people in. Commenter 10CTrojan finally identified the dish this morning–horta, in this case, dandelion greens–but missed the location. They came from Kentro Greek Kitchen in Fullerton. Better luck next time!

[ORIGINAL POST, Nov. 1, 9:30 a.m.] Other than Shuji's recent snout sneak attack, these things have been too easy lately. You're getting soft, Forkers–time to make you guess. Where'd I eat this fuzzily snapped pile of greens, and what are they? Your only clue is this is NOT spinach.

Usual rules apply–one guess per person, valid email required, and Weeklings are not allowed to play.

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