[UPDATED w/ Venue Response] Man Stabbed Gets Puncture Wounds Last Night During Show at the Observatory

UPDATE MAY 23 4:23 P.M.: The Observatory's Jon Reiser contacted the Weekly about the incident at the venue last night and offered what he deems a less dramatic retelling of events.

“What actually happened is two people in front of the stage got into a fight. One of the two had 5-inch spiked / plug type earrings,” Reiser writes in an email. “During the scuffle, the spiked earring poked the guy in the stomach. Once.” The weapon was said to be lost and efforts are being undertaken to recover it on site.

Cpl. Anthony Bertagna of the Santa Ana Police Department noted by phone that the man who was taken to the hospital suffered a small puncture stab wound and three lacerations to the abdomen. “There was no mention of what kind of weapon was used,” Bertagna added in terms of the report he read from.


We never wrote that it was a knife fight anyway, and lacerations still count as wounds, even if superficial. But yes, technically, they aren't stab wounds and the appropriate correction has been made. As to the question of how a mosh pit was raging from surf-rock concert in the first place? Even the wisest sages know not the answer to that question.

ORIGINAL POST MAY 23 11:36 P.M.: A man was stabbed last night during a show at the Observatory in Santa Ana after the mosh pit got a little too gangsta. The OC Register reports that Santa Ana Police responded to calls arriving before midnight and finding a man sustaining multiple stab wounds a puncture stab wound and three lacerations resulting from the altercation. Mexican surf rockers Lost Acapulco were on stage during the incident.

A security guard broke up the scuffle by the time officers arrived and the suspect fled the scene. The man's injuries, thankfully, are not life threatening as he was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The accused stabber was last seen leaving in a black Honda sedan and is described as a Latino male between 25-30 years old, 5'5'' 200 lbs. He was seen at the show sporting a white
T-shirt and black Dickies with a short black Mohawk and earlobe plug piercings. Fortunately, he wasn't copying the band's mask-wearing, Luchador look so there's a chance somebody saw his face.

Anyone who observed the fight at the Observatory (see what we did there?) is urged to call (855) TIP-OCCS or visit occrimestoppers.org. And no, please don't bother to call saying parts of the suspect description fits a vast majority of Santaneros or leave comments about 'Stabba Ana.'

The show last night was not all bad news. A fan left a comment in Spanish on Lost Acapulco's Facebook page saying she enjoyed their music and hoped they'd come back to the states soon. 

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