[UPDATED W/AYSO Response, Weekly Retraction] Robert Pimentel, Accused Pervert LA Teacher, Heavily Involved in Newport Beach Youth Soccer

See the end of this post for an update… Note: last name of accused changed throughout.

ORIGINAL POST, JAN 25, 8 A.M.: Coker brought you the story of Robert Pimentel, a former Los Angeles elementary school teacher and current Newport Beach resident accused of molesting multiple students and one that district officials canned after the heat became too hot. Today, we bring you the rest of the story: Pimentel was heavily involved in youth soccer in the Newport Beach area, under the auspices of the American Youth Soccer Organization.


Documents obtained by the Weekly show that a “Bob Pimentel” served as a referee administrator in the under-8/under-10 league for AYSO Region 97, which encompasses Newport Beach, in the fall of 2009, and was the director of fields as recently as spring of last year, which is around the same time Pimentel was canned from his job. He's no longer listed on the AYSO Region 97 website.

Inquiries to AYSO Region 97 officials by Amy Senk of the fine blog Corona del Mar Today were met with terse responses to contact national AYSO headquarters; those questions have yet to be answered.

“It's highly unlikely he just molested at school,” says famed Newport Beach sex-abuse attorney John Manly. “Newport AYSO needs to contact every parent whose kid got in contact with him right now, and the Newport Beach Police Department should instigate an investigation immediately. If LAUSD officials knew about Pimentel in the past, they're going to have liability for any kid he might have molested in Newport Beach. It's highly disturbing.”
UPDATE, 11:50 a.m.: Just got off the phone with an AYSO official, who says that the organization has never received any complaints about Pimentel and children. Statement forthcoming found over here. An AYSO spokesperson also told the Weekly “He was a volunteer for seven years but not a coach for seven years.  He has been a volunteer ref since 2005 and a coach for about 1 year.”

Also, a mistake: Earlier, this post had a picture of a man sources identified as Pimentel. The man in question was not Pimentel. The Weekly apologizes for and regrets the error.

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