[UPDATED: Picture Removed, But…] Loretta Sanchez Dresses as Sexy Angel for Halloween, Shows Off Not-Bad Rack

UPDATE: Sorry, folks, but you're going to have to wait until the 2012 election season to see a picture of Loretta wearing a Halloween costume of what was essentially her version of an angel: wearing a see-through nightgown.

As you'll notice below, someone left a comment threatening to sue us over publishing the photo, which they claimed was theirs. The person, a local Democrat activist, also contacted me via Facebook with the same request, claiming I stole it from her Facebook page. That didn't happen, but when I contacted my source (another Democrat activist–funny how our local Dems love their circular fire squads, as opposed to the GOP's circle jerks) about where he got the picture, he admitted he took it from the complaining Dem's Facebook page.


Alas, we can't legally use the Facebook photos of others, and I'm too busy finishing my book on the history of Mexican food in the United States to fight that battle right now. Snapshots of Facebook pages? Those work–but my source didn't do it, and the complainer has now apparently switched her Facebook page so those incriminating photos don't show up anymore. Damn.

So we'll end it with yet another source, who claims Loretta really skanked it up this year compared to previous Halloweens. “She was an angel about four years ago at a Halloween party at Ray Verches'
house,” they wrote, referring to yet another Democratic bigwig. “It wasn't so bad [then]. White dress with white wings, but her sister
[Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, who dressed as a banana this year] was Batgirl, and that costume was way worse.”

Stay classy, ladies!
Original Post, Nov. 1, 10:19 a.m.:Oh, Congreswoman Loretta
Sanchez: Is there ever a moment when you DON'T want to show off your
cha-cha innateness? It came before my time, but Scott, Nick and Matt
still tell stories about when you sauntered into Weekly world headquarters in 1996 in some tight top, showing off your not-bad rack.

your legendary Christmas cards, of course, and constant whisper
campaigns by Republicans about you getting with one guy or another,
rumors everyone laughs at because the GOP acts like a woman spurned
since you kick its ass every two years. But did you REALLY have to dress
like a sexy angel this Halloween weekend at a party held at your house?

You know it! Way to solve your working-class constituents' economic problems there, Lo-Lo!

Can't wait for the Republican wackjob over this one . . . in the meanwhile, not a bad rack!

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