[UPDATED!] Oceanic Fish Grill Closes in Irvine; Yellowfin Fish Grill Takes Over

Oceanic Fish Grill had a coupon expiring December 31, 2013. But as it turns out, the restaurant appears to have expired before the coupon did.


The California Fish Grill facsimile that opened October of 2012 to replace a shuttered Jalapenos has apparently shuttered itself. It joins other California Fish Grill facsimiles like Fish Grill Factory, Malibu Fish Grill in Santa Ana, and Fountain Valley's Fish-O-Licious in going belly up.

It has been replaced by another similiar restaurant called Yellowfin Fish Grill.

I said in a post announcing Oceanic's opening that chasing the success of the California Fish Grill chain has been something of a white whale to some entrepreneurs. So good luck to Yellowfin!

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