[UPDATED] Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L. Needs Your Help to Write Another Book

UPDATED, NOV. 10, 9:08 A.M.: $7,000 goal reached as of 9 A.M.–$7,184!

ORIGINAL POST, NOV. 8, 10:35 A.M.: Jack Grisham, T.S.O.L. frontman, Weekly coverboy–is following up his first novel An American Demon with a work of fiction that he won't tell us the title of (“because it's cool and I don't want people to steal it”) or describe the plot of (same reason).

But he is asking supporters to back his work financially via a Kickstarter campaign (he's currently about $2,200 shy of his $7,000 goal) so he can finish the book.

“I can tell you the kids live in a fictional 1960s Northern California town. I can tell you there are as many cemeteries in
the story as there are boys, and I can tell you that it's an American Gothic coming of age tale–although the children are much more
mature than I'll ever be,” he says in the description of the book.

At any rate, it would be a shame if he didn't get the pledged money (he gets nothing if the goal isn't met by Friday) and that book never saw the light of day, so pledge away!

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