[UPDATED] Early Bird Cafe Now in The Capable Hands of Frank DeLoach; Joseph Mahon Exits Fired! Exits!

[Updated, 3/20/13, 04:07 a.m.] 

During the night, we received a new e-mail from Mr. Menzies requesting another clarification. He wrote:

Just put it back to how it originally was written if you don't mind. Again, my email was intended to be a quick comment about the ownership issue not to insinuate Mahon was fired. – Tank


[Updated, 3/19/13, 09:50 p.m.] 

Early Bird owner Tank Menzies e-mailed and requested a clarification and provided more detail on the chef change there. Here's what he said:

Mahon never founded Early Bird. That was founded by me and my partner Marcelo Caraveo.  Mahon was just hired to work the kitchen and we got rid of him for DeLoach.

Please clarify that in your article! Thanks,

Tank Menzies

[Original Article, 3/19/13, 05:00 p.m.] 

LA Times reports that Joseph Mahon–the man we seem to write about a lot here because he's cool like that–has turned over full control of Early Bird Cafe, the breakfast/brunch joint he opened in Fullerton last year, to Frank DeLoach, the chef formerly of Mezze and The Playground.

Mahon is reportedly leaving to focus his efforts on his other Fullerton
restaurant, Burger Parlor. And it would also seem that DeLoach is already
settling in. His Twitter subhead now says “A Simple man, with simple needs. El Hefe at Early Bird.”

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