[UPDATED:] Deborah Pauly Wants Villa Park City Council Colleagues to Back Arizona Immigration Law

UPDATE: The other four members of the Villa Park City Council declined to support Pauly's resolution, explaining their job is to solve local problems, not national ones (details below) . . .

“I want us to talk about it. If we keep quiet, before you
know it, we will be the next ones with problems and issues that need to
be addressed.”

–Villa Park City Councilwoman Deborah Pauly, to the Orange County Register, on her resolution up for vote tonight Tuesday night on supporting Arizona's controversial new immigration law. The politico from OC's smallest city last sullied this site with her outburst about feeling “sodomized” by House passage of health-care reform.

UPDATE: Councilman Rich Ulmer put it best: “I'm just a councilperson in Villa Park, and as a Villa Park councilperson, what I can do is bring protection to
the quality of life people have here.” Pauly took credit for starting “a great conversation.”

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