[UPDATED] Daft Punk Playing Disneyland on October 8 for elecTRONica Opening?

UPDATE: At 5:30 p.m., Disneyland Resort tweeted, “Daft Punk is not currently scheduled to perform at Disneyland Oct. 8.” What about other dates??! Hmmm?

A few days ago, Om Records tweeted this:

After we peed our pants, we got in touch with Disney's people to confirm the rumor.

This is what John McClintock, of Disneyland Resort Public Relations, replied to my inquiry:

Nothing to announce at this time.  We'll certainly let you know if there is.  Thanks for your interest.
Doesn't that usually mean a yes?!?

We also got in touch with OM Records, who first posted it on Twitter–according to them, nothing is confirmed (oh, glorious internet) but someone knows someone who knows something…and there you go.

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