[UPDATED:] Cypress Councilman Phil Luebben is Next to Spin Wheel of Hate Supporting Arizona SB 1070

UPDATE: For the second time, City Councilman Phil Luebben has failed to get his colleagues to adopt resolutions declaring Cypress a “Rule of Law City” and applauding Arizona's controversial SB 1070 immigration law while damning cities that oppose it (details at end of this post) . . .

Cypress City Councilman Phil Luebben–who in the past has enthusiastically supported: city use of eminent domain; disgraced, philandering ex-Sheriff Mike Carona; disgraced, philandering ex-Assemblyman Mike Duvall; naming a city park after disgraced, philandering favorite son Tiger Woods; and, a 25% raise for himself and other Orange County Sanitation District directors–wants his fellow council members to join him in supporting a resolution applauding Arizona's controversial SB 1070 immigration law and damning Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa
Ana and other California cities for opposing it and
promoting boycotts against Arizona.

The Orange County Register has the scoop.

“[T]he city of Cypress
understands Arizona's frustration and supports its efforts to try and
address the negative impacts that illegal immigration has had on that
state,” reads one proposed resolution by Luebben, who was mayor of Cypress from 2006-07.

He calls boycotts against Arizona's businesses “mean-spirited” and suggests
they're unconstitutional.

If Luebben's still rocking his mustache, it's surprising he would take this stand. I mean, come on, look at it! If that does not scream jilted telenovela lover, it certainly screams West Hollywood barfly.

Then again, Luebben, who is currently serving his second term on the Cypress council, did give a hearty nod of approval to the city of Costa Mesa's decision to enforce federal immigration laws itself. Luebben even got his mug on Lou Dobbs Tonight for it, as shown here.

“This is not an issue of race,” said Luebben at the time. “This is not an
issue of racism. This is not an issue of racial profiling. This
is a strictly legal issue.”

Speaking of legal issues, Luebben also in the past came up on the losing end of a close vote that banned medical marijuana dispensaries in his fair city. He wanted more study on the medical issues involved.

Of course, even Hitler loved his dog.

UPDATE: Luebben's second attempt to get his resolutions passed died for lack of a second from his fellow council members, reports the Orange County Register. “The council's inaction triggered boos and angry retorts from the
audience in what is normally a sleepy Council Chambers,” writes reporter
Michael Mello.

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