[UPDATED: Cunningham Already Censoring!] Save Anaheim, OC Weekly's Best Blog for 2012, Inspiring Scorched-Earth Campaign From the Curt Pringle Machine

Updated, with new information on the bottom…

ORIGINAL POST, OCT. 16, 6:30 A.M.: Well, this fucking rocks: the very week where we named Save Anaheim the best blog in Orange County for our annual Best Of issue, the minions of former Anaheim mayor Curt Pringle wage an all-out war on its author, Jason Young.

As we reported yesterday, Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham, the infamous hack most famous for outing sex-abuse victims and defending notorious pedophile-protector John Urell has started a propaganda machine for the forces of the Dark Lord (at right), who wants to turn my hometown into a fiefdom from which he and his consultants can make millions of dollars off of backs of serfs, helped by their Latino monkeys.

In the past two weeks, Cunningham has devoted three posts to Young, with yesterday's being the nastiest: Cunningham revealed where Young lives, his personal business as a photographer, and dug up a criminal case in which Young pleaded guilty to a couple of felonies involving credit cards that were knocked down to misdemeanors (more on that in a future post)–as if any of this has to do with the quality of Save Anaheim's reporting, of which Cunningham could only whine engages in “character assassination. He also grumbled that we deemed Save Anaheim as the county's best blog because we “bestow [the award to] blogs that are nasty and vicious toward people and entities the Weekly dislikes.”

Oh, Matt's just sore because we gave Best Blog for the past two years to Friends for Fullerton's Future, who gave him the Jerbal nickname on account of his sniveling personality and outed him as a big-government lover.

(And the felony bit? That qualifies Young to run the OC GOP, or the campaign of a congressman–right, Rhonda Rohrabacher? And it still pales to the hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars-plus fines Pringle and GOP head Scott Baugh had to pay for their crimes.)

It's telling of how powerful Save Anaheim already is that Pringle's pals convinced Cunningham (who reportedly rents space from Pringle) to wage war against Young–his “stories” are being spread around via email by members of SOAR (Support Our Anaheim Resort), a PAC of losers that Cunningham once fought against, which shows just how craven the two sides are in the quest for the almighty dollar and should put to rest any claims Cunningham might make about just, gee golly, really being into Anaheim politics.

There you go, fellow Anaheimers: the people who rule you despise the truth so much they're willing to intimidate a dissenting voice by telling you where he lives. Who will step up to join Young in the TRUE revolution?

UPDATE, 10:25 A.M. Well, this is fucking hilarious: Matt Cunningham has deleted all the comments I left on his blog outing him as a sex-abuse victim outer. He just can't stand that I keep bringing up this sordid episode from his past.

Of curse, this isn't surprising. Cunningham has a funny habit of deleting comments made by people who point out his hypocrisy and pedo-protector spinning. In 2007, he launched a website defending Urell; when sex-abuse victims went on to criticize his hideous support of a man who shielded child rapists from the law, Cunningham merely deleted his comments. Man has the skin of garlic–and the stench of his ways is worse. Tee-hee!

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