[UPDATED:] Craig Monteilh, OC's Islamic Mosque Spy, is Dealt a Blow in his Lawsuit Against the FBI


Salvador Hernandez gets the scoop in the Orange County Register.

Judge James V. Selna gave Monteilh's attorney, Adam Krowlikowsky, 20 days to amend the complaint, meaning the Bureau and Assistant Special Agent in Charge Barbara Walls are not off the hook yet.

The case also names as defendants the Irvine Police Department and retired Irvine PD investigator Ron Carr, who investigated Monteilh in a grand theft case that resulted in a conviction and prison time.

His suit contends law enforcement officials violated his civil rights and endangered his life by conspiring to have him arrested on the grand theft charges because elements within the Bureau were cooling to his undercover work.

In his tenative ruling, Selna sided with the FBI, saying Monteilh's claims “would undermine the validity of a prior criminal judgment.” But, today, the judge granted Krowlikowsky more time to present new evidence.

Krowlikosky has argued the grand theft investigation came out of Monteilh's work on an FBI drug probe, but the Bureau denies the crime was part of an FBI investigation.

Monteilh previously filed a $10 million claim against the FBI, which the agency rejected.

Krowlikosky has not ruled out an appeal if Selna ultimately upholds the dismissal.

Monteilh claims his undercover work resulted in the immigration-fraud charges against Ahmadullah Sais Niazi, a Tustin man authorities have tied to Osama bin Laden cronies. Niazi's case is still pending.

Local Muslims Monteilh spied on were plotting terrorism in Southern California, he previously told the Weekly, which also heard from several people who described him as a con man. Some have testified for the FBI in the current case.

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