[UPDATED: Company Decides Not To Sell in China] Urban Decay, 'Cruelty-Free' Makeup Brand, May Allow Products To Be Tested on Animals

See update at the end of this post. 
ORIGINAL POST, JUNE 22, 3:33 P.M.: For years, products from Urban Decay have been stamped with the same tagline: “We don't do animal testing. How could anyone?” 
How could anyone? Turns out, easily when there are dollar signs involved. 
The Newport Beach-based makeup company, which long prided itself on its “cruelty-free” stance, announced that week that it will be selling its cosmetics in China, where animal testing is required. Yeah, execs probably wish they went with the tagline, “我们卖出” (“We sell out,” as translated by Bing).     


On its Facebook page, the company addressed the issue, sorta, saying, “No, Urban Decay will not test on animals in China. However, the Chinese government may conduct a test using our products before they can be sold there.” See. Just blame it on the Chinese government! 
The decision has infuriated animal rights activists, especially the ones who actually wear Urban Decay makeup. A petition that calls for the company to stick to its original promise has racked up more than 6,000 signatures.  
“Urban Decay has been one of the shining lights for the community as a high-quality cosmetics company that we could depend on, but not anymore,” the petition reads. 
Urban Decay added on its Facebook page, “We absolutely realize that for many of you, it makes no difference who is doing the testing. But, animal rights are still very much important to Urban Decay, and our decision was a thoughtful one. Changes are already happening in China, and we will give our all to help advocate alternative methods.” China is in fact in the final stages of approving the country's first non-animal testing method for cosmetics ingredients, according to PETA. 
In about two weeks, the company will be hosting a live web chat with founding partner Wende Zomnir to discuss the matter with all those concerned.  
UPDATE, JULY 9, 4:16 P.M.: The Urban Decay team has informed us that the company has decided not to sell its products in China, a country that requires animal testing.
“Ultimately, we did not feel we could comply with current regulations in China and remain true to our core principles,” the makeup brand said in a statement. 
Last month, Urban Decay was stripped off of Leaping Bunny's official list of “cruelty-free” companies. It is now back on the list.  
“They listened and did the right thing,” Leaping Bunny said on its Facebook page

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