[UPDATED:] Chris Norby, Hot-Head State Assemblyman, Investigated for Roughing Up Wife No. 4


UPDATE: The Orange County District Attorney's Office declines to file criminal charges (see end of post) . . .

To win the state Assembly seat tarnished by the sex talk of self-described Christian moralist Mike Duvall, former Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby had to beat a woman–Linda Ackerman–for the Republican nomination.

It's gone from beating to pushing as known hothead Norby is being investigated for roughing up his wife during a domestic dispute.

The Orange County district attorney is investigating to determine whether criminal charges should be filed against the Fullerton-based Republican, reports the Los Angeles Times.

On Sept. 2, Fullerton police were
called to the couple's home by a deliveryman who overheard Norby and
his fourth wife, Martha, in a verbal argument. She later told police her husband pushed her, something the assemblyman vehemently denies, saying it was all verbal.

Funny, that's what Duvall said about his hot-mic confession of banging a Sacramento lobbyist.

As for Norby's temper tantrums, he admitted to
wrongly using campaign funds in 2008 to pay for a week's stay at a hotel while
he was having marital problems. Three years earlier, a jury found him guilty of
creating a hostile work environment for a female employee, although an appeals court later reversed the decision.

Ah, well, hopefully the 60-year-old and Wife No. 4 can fully patch things up by the time their first child arrives in May.

UPDATE: The DA's office cites “lack of sufficient
evidence” as the reason for dropping the case against Norby. Though the police report indicated the fiery Fullertonian had pushed his wife, both he and the Mrs. later denied the altercation got physical. “My husband has never put a hand on me,” Martha Norby reportedly said.

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