[UPDATE] Three Things You Didn't Know About the 'Tron: Legacy' Soundtrack

  • The whole interview is up on KCRW.com. Listen to it here. “Solar Sailer,” an instrumental track, will be offered today only as a free download.

Last Saturday in Santa Monica, California, Disney unveiled parts of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Five of the 22 tracks were previewed, and director Joseph Kosinki was on hand to give us inside scoop on Disney's collaboration with Daft Punk.

KCRW's Jason Bentley was an instrumental part in connecting Tron's creators with the French duo Daft Punk, which led to the much-hyped, controversial soundtrack. Kosinski personally persuaded Guy-Manual de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter to create the score. After the jump, read the “bet you didn't know” stories.


1. The helmet-clad robot duo are not classically trained to write sheet music, but were still able to work
with a 90-piece orchestra to create the Tron score.
How did they do it? Someone was on
hand to translate Daft Punk's work into sheet paper for the British
symphony at Britain's premier scoring facility, AIR Lyndhurst Studios.

2. There was so much hype surrounding the soundtrack that fans were
creating fake tracks and posting them online. Any supposed “leak” went viral instantly. For the most part, Daft
Punk worked in Britain and Kosinski was in the US; they would connect
via iChat and a digital software listening software online. One day,
Kosinski got an e-mail from Bangalter, which said they had lost all
their files due to a hard drive crash. Could Kosinski mail Daft Punk a
hard copy of their demosto an address in France? Immediately suspicious, Kosinski called Banglater–who, of course, knew nothing about it. Hmm…

3. There are no plans for Daft Punk to perform the soundtrack
–mostly because the duo feel very strongly that the music are so
strongly tied to the images that it would be out of context to have one
without the other. Kosinski did get the duo to be in the film as DJs in
a nightclub scene (“our cantina scene”). “The guys dress as robots–it
was not a huge leap for them.”

The soundtrack comes out on December 7; the whole interview will be broadcast next week at KCRW.

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