**UPDATE** Sweetee Thai Expanding To Long Beach

**UPDATE 6/6/2013**
Friend and tipster Cecile just sent in an update on this news when she just coincidentally ran into the woman who is involved in Sweetee Thai's expansion to Long Beach. Sweetee Thai will replace Tiny Thai at 4152 Norse Way. Her source says that they are currently waiting to get approval for the remodel and hope to re-open the place as the third Sweetee in July. Tiny Thai has been in business for the last 20 years.

Oh, and a correction, Cecile has told me that Cypress' Sweetee is actually the original Sweetee, opening in 1996, while the Artesia branch debuted in 2006.

Thanks, Cile for the correction and the update!

**ORIGINAL POST 6/5/2013**
There are a couple of reasons to go to the little restaurant-heavy plaza called Cypress Point at Cerritos Ave. and Valley View in Cypress that aren't Cafe Hiro. Sweetee Thai is one of them. The Thai joint has been consistently and successfully doing its thing for as long as I can remember–certainly as long as Cafe Hiro and California Fish Grill has been there.


Now, it is expanding to a yet-undisclosed location in Long Beach. When it does, it will be the third Sweetee. The one in Cypress is, in fact, itself a spin-off of the original in Artesia.

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