Update: Statement On Duane Peters' Condition From His Management

Last week, Duane Peters Gunfight cancelled their gig at The Slidebar Rock N Roll Café Fullerton due to a skateboard. Now we have some more info on what happened.

Today via email, we received the following statement from his management:

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“We really appreciate the outpouring of support. Duane is doing better. He is pretty banged up, but resting at home. He is going to take the rest of the month to really try and heal so he can get back on stage and back on the skateboard soon.”

The singer was hit by a car while riding his skateboard in Long Beach last week, suffering a ruptured lung, bruised kidney, sprained left wrist and a smashed left foot. The good news is that despite his injuries, Peters is doing alright and should have a full recovery sooner than later.

Peters, aka “The Master of Disaster” is probably best known as the front man for the U.S. Bombs as well as a professional skateboarder and OC punk legend. Anyone who knows Peters is aware that saying he's been banged up a few times in his life is a definite understatement. For more on that history, see this story we did on him a couple years ago.

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