Update: Jumpin' Chupacabra Controversy

Last week, we wrote about the Jumpin' Chupacabra festival. Ali Coyle, one of its core members, talked about how the group started and how the newly established group wants to create an all ages scene in OC. 

A few days later, Heard Mentality got a few e-mails saying the post was erroneous. One claimed that the five people mentioned did not work at the smoothie shop and the festival was booked through former members not mentioned in the story. 


Ali Coyle explains: “I took it upon myself not to mention Jace Hinesly and Alex Yocky's names under official staff members for this OC Weekly article. They quit the organization and wanted nothing to do with the future of Jumpin' Chupacabra. I didn't want to introduce any negative private issues to the press. I am sorry for any misunderstandings, but I tried my best not to be misleading in any way. Everything that Jumpin' Chupacabra has become should be solely credited to the five current members.”
Apparently, Jumpin' Juice and Java employees Zachary Mujica, Alex Yocky, and Jace Hinesly were the originators of Jumpin' Chupacabra, and they booked bands to showcase at the smoothie shop to kill free time. At first, they hosted shows on an irregular basis, but by mid-March there were bands playing there at least once a week. Jumpin' Juice and Java closed in early July, so the trio hosted a two-day festival in Lake Forest to end their series of shows. Several of their friends helped put up the festival, including Timothy and Matthew Craven, John Wright, Shane Gann and David Barkschat, and it was a success. 
Shortly after Hinesly and other members moved away for school; Timothy and Matt Craven, and David Barkschat started hosting monthly shows at parks throughout Orange County. In November, Coyle and Sarah Natale joined the Chupacabra. 
The falling out, Coyle explained, happened after Hinesly returned. “Despite the fact that the current staff members had completely rebuilt and revamped Jumpin' Chupacabra, Jace demanded total control of the organization,” Coyle said. “After many disagreements, and refusing to come to a compromise, Jace and Alex decided to quit the organization and wanted nothing to do with the group.”
According to Coyle, the 2010 Jumpin' Chupacabra Fest was a success, despite the its, ah, organizational problems. 

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