(UPDATE) Ecco Bartender Goes Missing At Mammoth

[Update: May 23, 2016; 7:47 p.m.]

We were notified Sunday of recent events. But out of respect for the Vierheller family, we refrained from updating our original post until it was announced this morning. The body of Juan Vierheller was found in Lake Crowley late Sunday morning. Per Mono County Sheriff’s Office, an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

Rest in peace, Juan. You were always a joy to be around. Our lives are better because of you.

[Original Post: May 17, 2016; 6:56 a.m.]

As reported by the Mammoth Times, Juan Vierheller has been missing since May 13. Last seen by relatives at their campsite early Friday, his whereabouts remain unknown. Search parties spent the past three days scouring Crowley Lake-Beaver Cove for Vierheller. Sherriff boats and CHP helicopters were also dispatched.

We first met Juan when he was General Manager at Tustin’s Nieuport 17. Gregarious and always well-suited, he transitioned to Ecco’s bar in Anaheim last year. Juan was last seen wearing black pants, casual shoes, a flannel shirt and trucker cap. A GoFundMe account in his name is halfway to its goal, and will go towards continuing the search for Juan. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

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