[UPDATE: CAIR Demands Apology, Dumitru Tries to Cover His Illiterate Tracks] Jon Dumitru, Orange Councilmember, Posts Anti-Islam Facebook Status Update

UPDATE, SEPT. 15, 10:45 P.M.: The Southern California chapter of the Council of American Islamic Relations is now asking that Dumitru apologize for his moronic remarks

“Your hateful statement in which you falsely insinuate that the
teachings of Islam and the Quran would allow the terrorist attacks of
9/11 is deeply troubling to all Muslims, including many who live in your
city,” wrote Hussam Ayloush, the executive director for the local CAIR chapter, in an open letter that Dumitru has yet to respond to, the coward that he is. Can't wait for a bunch of angry, polite Muslims to fill the Orange city council chambers next meeting!

The issue is now getting the attention of anti-Muslim lunatics everywhere, which led me to discover Dumitru's lame attempt at appearing smarter than his Dum-Dum persona is.


Sometime in the past two days, Dumitru went to his Facebook page and cleaned up the horrible English that plagued his first anti-Muslim rant. This is a screenshot that I grabbed Sept. 13 around noon from his councilmember Facebook page:

Now, look at the cleaned-up Facebook message now appearing on his page:

HAHAHAHAHA! Dumitru actually went back and edited his original Facebook post! Used a dictionary, Dum-Dum? Lamely trying to cover your tracks as an illiterate boor? My city sources tell me many at City Hall are howling at your stupidity being put out into the open. Hey, if you need tutoring, I hear Chapman U offers it for free…

Updated Sept. 13, 12:45 p.m.: Just as I predicted, Dumitru doesn't have the huevos to be a full-fledged anti-Muslim. He took down the original post from his Facebook wall–but you can still find it on his photo archive by clicking here, or until he erases that as well, at which point we'll put up proof that Dumitru tried to hide that spot as well.

thing I didn't realize the first time around: Dumitru posted his
anti-Muslim rant on his official councilmember page, instead of his
personal page. NICE…way to represent the Muslim residents of your
city, Jon Boy!

ORIGINAL POST, SEPT. 13, 8 A.M.: The last time we checked in with Orange councilman Jon Dumitru, we caught him lying to a small newspaper and
had a good chuckle about it. This past weekend, to commemorate 9/11,
Dumitru uncorked a laugher by broadly slamming Islam and the Koran
instead of the terrorists who committed the attacks. Of course, Dumitru
doesn't have the stones to utter such nonsense to the general public ala
his contemporary, Villa Park councilwoman Deborah “Sodomy” Pauley, and
did it through the relative privacy of his little-updated Facebook page.

I will let others dissect Dumitru's atrocious English (fuck, Jon, even wabs three days from a car trunk understand English grammar better than your status) and will only further note that Dumitru should be encouraged to update his page more often!

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