Up In Smoke: Orange County Edition

If you’ve stepped outside of your house today, chances are you’ve smelled the faint scent of burning. But don’t go calling the FBI on your stoner neighbors just yet. The reason behind that smell lingering in the air is wildfire, and it’s right in your back yard—in Brea, Yorba Linda and Corona, to be precise.

Because we here at the Weekly aren’t exactly big on fire chasing—we’re much more into the pessimistic analysis part of news media—we’ve decided it would be fitting to cook up a critique of fire coverage by other local media sources to reveal to our readers later.

In the meantime, you can learn breaking news about the Santa Ana wind-induced infernos from those other news organizations by clicking on the links below.

Orange County Register

LA Times



And if you’re in the mood for snapping some photos (like the lovely shot above from reader Mike McDougal) or telling some of your own fire stories please feel free to comment below or email the images to ap******@oc******.com.

For news and information on local evacuations visit the Orange County Fire Authority website.

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