Unwrapped 2.0 with Alfonso Ribeiro? Yes Please!

Over the years we've looked to Alfonso Ribeiro for a few fantastic dance moves and tons of great laughs but these days, he's showing us something new altogether. As the host of Unwrapped 2.0 on Food Network, he's on hand to show us the processes it takes to make some of our favorite snacks ever. Before you tune in on Saturday night, we got him à la carte to unwrap the concept behind the show and to find out what his favorite parts are when hosting and watching Unwrapped 2.0.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Just so our readers are clear, can you breakdown the difference between Unwrapped and Unwrapped 2.0?

Alfonso Ribeiro: I think the main difference is that we've gone in and chosen different things than Unwrapped did. The concept is the same but we've certainly upped the quality of how we are filming it and the show looks brand new and fresh. It's really kind of going back to the “classic Food Network” and what made it popular. So, it's a new host, new stuff, and it's definitely an upgrade in the look of the show.


I love the concept of the show because in a world of reality driven TV, Unwrapped 2.0 is reality but not really a reality show. If that makes any sense whatsoever.

Absolutely! It doesn't all have to be something like, “we're going to pick these cooks and see what they're going to make up!” What we're doing is almost documentary-esque in that you get to just simply see how everything is done. It's not one take on one weird thing, it's something that you absolutely know and love. Whether it's the candies you like or not, you get to experience how it's done. That to me is what is fun and interesting.

I love the comparison to a documentary because it really does work for this. I mean, obviously we can't make these things ourselves without a production line but we all do get to learn.

I agree and I love it. I love watching it as well because I'm a guy who likes to watch how things are done, even if I am watching an HGTV show on how to rebuild a kitchen. Those things are interesting to me because I'm like, oh wow! They chose this with this for these reasons and learning that is always cool.

I always think I can do things myself after watching HGTV. News flash, I can't.

[Laughs.] Well you don't have the design people to really show you how it's done! It is a great tool for people who want to redo their house though and get great ideas. Now, they don't get to see what it costs, but they do get to see how it's done.

Ha! I totally agree. What has been the most surprising to you in the way it was made?

You know nothing seemed that out of the ordinary going into it. They all do seem like, yeah that's makes sense! What I do love is some of the machines created to make it whether it's an extruder or the way they package it. Packaging to me seems so interesting like, how do you get that in there without some person gluing the package together? It's just some machine that puts it all together and the rate that they do it at? They're doing hundreds and thousands of them an hour! The fact that they're able to do that and to see those machines, that's so interesting.

I love that conveyor belt that somehow dips both sides of candies. It really is wild because I've never even thought of that but now I get to see it.

Right! So even while you are learning about those candies, you're also learning about the technology that goes into actually making them at the rate that they are. That to me is the really cool and unexpected part.

Did you find out how something was made and was like, oh hell no I'm not eating that anymore!

No, not at all. We all know that the treats we like to eat are not made with organic ingredients. So really, you're not watching it going, Oh I never realized that thing made with all of that sugar is unhealthy! [Laughs.] The snacks are not about health, they're about enjoyment and taste and that's what we're enjoying.

Is there something that you are dying to see how it's made? Like a wish list of sorts.

I don't get involved with the choosing of the stuff but some of the popular stuff I'd eventually like to see. I mean, I love Doritos so I'd like to see that and hopefully one day we'll get there. All of it is interesting though and each one really does take me down that road. I think if I go back to last season, I was really interested in the Tootsie Roll. That's something that's iconic, we all know it, and we all have eaten and enjoyed it. Seeing that one was really cool.

Yes, and don't forget that the Tootsie Roll is also an iconic song to dip to.

[Laughs.] Yes! And there is a dance connected to it so it's really great!

I'll be watching the show anyway but if I may drop a hint…Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets.

There you go! [Laughs.] I'm sure eventually we'll get there. We'll get it to you!

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