UnRuely Coconut by Chapman Crafted Beer: Our Beer of the Week!

Old Towne Orange continues it metamorphosis from Antique Central to the playground of the foodcentric, the brewcentric and those that just want to hang out and chill. The students at Chapman never had it so good. Now, with the opening of Chapman Crafted Beer, Old Towne has a brewery with unlimited potential. Owner Wil Dee and  brewmaster Brian Thorson, both very well known in the craft beer world, have chosen a great location to brew some of the fresh and tastiest suds in Orange.

The tasting room is comfortable with plenty of tables and chairs, a big screen TV on one wall, plenty of fresh air from the open air set up—perfect for these hot summer nights. Walking distance to everything inlcuding the MetroLInk for a quick getaway—HA! But it's all about the craft beer here at Chapman Crafted. Each beer I drank was distinct in its freshness and flavor—easy and enjoyable to drink.

Slow Riser Red Ale (5.75% ABV) is infused with coffee, so it has a nice roastiness at the front that blends just right with the maltiness. My Two Dollars IPA (6.8% ABV) is hoppy but no aftertaste and a clean finish that sang of the high quality of ingredients used here. And hurry up with getting the Vacuum Transport IPA with Pineapple (6.75% ABV)—it's destined to sell out quick. The pineapple is light, just a hint, so it's only sweet enough to keep the hoppiness to an enjoyable (there's that word again!) level. 

My favorite right now is the UnRuely Coconut Brown Ale (6.6% ABV) Sweet coconut but not yucky sweet, just enough so you still taste the richness of the malt. And that's the essence of this beer and of this brewery. The upcoming International Street Fair is a perfect opportunity to grab a teriyaki stick or sausage sandwich and head over to Chapman Crafted—cheers!!

Chapman Crafted Beer, 123 N. Cypress St., Orange (844) 855-2337. Twitter: @chapmancrafted

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