Underdog Records

Top 10 records sold from Aug. 26 to Sept. 1 at Underdog Records, 812 S. Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, (949) 494-9490. Underdog specializes in punk, new wave and indie vinyl. Underdog has a large dub selection and also carries CDs, T-shirts, cult-classic music videos and “really fucked-up DVDs,” says owner Mike Lohrman. “25-cent individual clove cigarettes are still our best seller.”

1 The Orphans, Electric S 7″ (Vinyl Dog)

2 The Nerves, Nerves25th anniversary reissue 10″ (Nerves)

3 The Fun Things, When the Birdmen Fly 7″ (no label)

4 The Germs, What God Means to Me 7″ (no label)

5 The Adolescents, The Adolescents (Frontier)

6 The FM Bats, Everybody Out . . . Shark in the Water CD/LP (Vinyl Dog)

7 Television, Marquee Moon reissue (Elektra)

8 GG Allin N the Jabbers, “1980s Rock 'N' Roll” b/w “Cheri Love Affair” 7″ (Destiny)

9 The Nips/Nipple Erectors, Bops Babes Booze and Bovver (Big Beat)

10 Throw Rag, 13 Ft. and Rising CD/LP (BYO)

STAFF PICK: 2002 reissued XTC CDs (Caroline Records): “These are remixed and remastered, and I can't sell them for the life of me. I don't care because I get to play them in the store anyway.” (Mike)

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