ULTRA Gorilla OG at South Coast Safe Access: Our Toke of the Week!

Strain: *ULTRA* Gorilla OG 21.3% THC
Price: $55 1/8 $110 1/4
Dispensary: South Coast Safe Access 1900 Warner Ave. Unit A, Santa Ana CA 92705

Fourth of July means fireworks, BBQ, and some nice medical cannabis. The city I live in, SanTana, has the best firework show, a mix of the legal safe and sane variety and the Disney-quality illegally purchased from someone’s car trunk that were so loud I had to disable my car alarm—but I enjoy them so much! So this year I went to SCSA, the first dispensary in SanTana to join the UFCW 324, to pick up a strain I saw on the menu, the Infamous Gorilla OG. But I noticed that it had the *ULTRA* brand added to the name.

I asked the budtender about the *ULTRA* brand (there are about six strains labeled this way): What made it *ULTRA*? I was told it was exclusive to SCSA, and tested to have a very high percentage of THC. That’s ultra-ultra! Gorilla OG has the parent strains of Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies OG—royalty in the cannabis world! The buds are very sticky, like its parent strains: skunky, earthy, very dense. I used my very favorite Raider helmet pipe, to continue the commitment to excellence.

Our Fourth of July BBQ was great: Prime New York strips, corn on the cob, potato salad, apple pie for dessert. But it was time for the firework show, which started in SanTana about two weeks ago. I went outside to sit and toke while I watched the sky light up red, white and blue. I felt safer sitting in my truck, which was parked on the street and put me that much closer to the action. As I took the first hit from the helmet bong, my neighbor also lit up…a skyrocket straight up over me. BOOM! I love it! God Bless America!

The *ULTRA* Gorilla OG was smooth—it did expand, but I didn’t cough until about the fourth or fifth hit. 
I was high AF as the SanTana skyline went nonstop with beautiful skyrockets all along the horizon. *ULTRA* Gorilla OG relaxed me, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone going through chemo, as it did affect my forehead area and neck and shoulders. It has lasting power, too: my buzz went on for a good two hours, the best two hours of the day!

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