UK Game Retailer Creates Canned Meal Sadder Than Christmas Dinner for One

UK Video Game Store GAME isn't known for their naming ability, but somehow that's apparently better than their taste in food, as the retailer announced yesterday the least appetizing thing I've ever seen — a completely canned nine-courselayer Christmas dinner, just in time for the holidays.

Boy, what I would give to have sat in that meeting (not actually much). This has got to be a marketing ploy, right?


The canned dinner sounds like it comes straight out of a Friends episode. It reportedly consists of a layer of scrambled eggs and bacon, on top of a layer of mince pie, one top of a layer of turkey and potatoes, on top of gravy, on top of “bread sauce,” on top of cranberry sauce, on top of Brussels sprouts or broccoli and stuffing, on top of carrots and parsnips and finally a layer of Christmas pudding.

I'm calling it — there's no way this is a real thing.

And if it is? Well, the UK's never been known for their food anyways, so it's not that much of a lost.

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