UK Dating Website Gets Dinged By Guv'ment: Claimed It's for Vegetarians, Yet Featured Mostly Meat Eaters

Look at the page above. A quick glance would lead readers to believe this is a dating website for vegetarians, and that's how Veggie Dates UK initially advertised itself as. But now notice the tagline: “If you are someone looking to meet single people who lead a healthy lifestyle why not join….”

That was a line forced on the website by the United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority, which discovered after an investigation that most of the people who used Veggie Dates weren't vegetarians at all but rather meat eaters.

The Guardian has the full story. The website claimed they never marketed exclusively to vegetarians, but the ASA (how Orwellian is that org?) found otherwise.

“Whilst we recognised that the website did not state it was 'only'
for vegetarians and vegans, we considered it was clearly marketed at
vegetarians and vegans by references to vegetarians throughout,”
the ASA ruled.

What the story doesn't mention, however, is how exactly did the ASA suss out the meat eaters from the veggie lovers. Insert obligatory sausage joke here…

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