Uh-Oh: Lime Prices Are Rising Again

Around this time last year, this infernal rag was the first in the country to report that lime prices were rising, and were going to rise even more due to the drug wars in Mexico, specifically in the lime-growing regions of Michoacán. That particular group of narcos has largely been eradicated, but general unrest in the area means that lime prices are going to climb significantly again–not to the heights of last year, where cases were going for over $100, but still pretty expensive.


“I'm thinking $40 per case this year,” says a produce guy, who requested anonymity. “It's not as bad as last year, but people better start saving those limes again.”

You'll remember last year, that things got so bad that Mexican restaurants started substituting lemons for limes, and Matador Cantina offered a free margarita to anyone who gave them a bag of limes. I'm already starting to see the former in OC's better loncheras, and don't be surprised if the latter starts happening soon.

Then there's this sign, spotted in deepest, darkest Kentucky last month:


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