Ugly Police Mug of the Week Goes to Man Wanted in '92 Slaying, Rojelio Reyes Calvillo

This week's ugly police mug “honors” go to Rojelio Reyes Calvillo, who is accused of fatally shooting Santa Ana
22-year-old Antonio Cisneros, who was murdered as he was sitting in a car in the 7-Eleven store parking lot at McFadden
Avenue and Fairview Street . . .

. . . on
October 3, 1992!

Calvillo, a 35-year-old former Tustin resident, was just scooped up crossing the Mexican border into Texas.

Courtesy of El Paso County Sheriff's Office
Rojelio Reyes Calvillo

Calvillo was captured as he tried to cross from Juarez into El
Paso in the pedestrian lane of the border crossing. After being taken to the border enforcement station, it was discovered his fingerprints linked him to warrants
for the 1992 Santa Ana homicide and a parole violation.

A security guard at a nearby apartment complex witnessed the shooting
and saw the gunman toss his weapon as he ran away, according to Santa
Ana police, who recovered the gun.

Calvillo was not a suspect in the murder until this past March, when DNA evidence
indicated he was the suspect. A $1 million arrest
warrant was issued for him in May.

His rap sheet already includes auto theft, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of controlled substance paraphernalia and domestic violence.

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