UFO Over Tustin and “Mothership” and Two Angels in Orange County Skies the Same Night?

Someone who saw a UFO over Tustin last week wants you to know that it was not the “massive mothership UFO and two angels sighted over Orange County” the same night.

Or was it?


2 Separate Reports of Helicopter or Military Jet Chasing UFOs in Orange County Skies

First comes this from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) about an event Friday night.

First of all, I want to say that the reason I'm reporting this is because there were other aircraft in the air at the time, which must have seen this, too. Planes were heading to John Wayne Airport and Tustin Police helicopters were circling over the I-5 at Redhill Avenue in Tustin, CA. My sense is that the object was very large and far away. Even in relationship to the aircraft heading to John Wayne Airport, it was small, yet bigger than a bird, and clearly outlined with a defined edge. The commercial aircraft had to have seen it too, but it would have been west of their flight path. I was headed out the common driveway of the complex where I live when I saw this object silhouetted against high cirrus clouds about 6:30 p.m. It hovered and wobbled and remained stationary in one place for about 30 minutes. I drove and finally got out of the car to view it at the corner of Nisson and Redhill. With my naked eye it seemed to have a classic saucer shape with a rim and a dome, yet at other times it appeared oval and elongated. Again, I had the sense that it was very large and far away. It was at about 40 degrees above the horizon and it is hard to estimate the altitude compared to the aircraft which were very low and visible, in descent to land, as this area is under the flight path to the John Wayne Airport. Since the sun was setting behind it in the west, the object was clearly silhouetted as a shape, but not dimensional. I watched it for almost a half hour, but no one else was watching. Traffic heading north on the I-5 at this time would have had a perfect view. I am not UFO crazy, yet I always keep my eye on the sky, having seen something spectacular many years ago. At first I thought “drone” but this was far away and solid and stationary. I had a feeling of wonder and awe. I had to leave it because I had an appointment in Irvine, but driving north on Culver about 6:40 p.m., I looked west at the intersection of Walnut Avenue and it was still there. I am so sorry I didn't have my camera.

Click here to read all about it. But, the poster warns, do not confuse what s/he saw with what was observed the same night in the video that follows. (“The footage is not what I saw.”) …


Here is the description from poster “Gagare1952:”

Breaking News: A massive mothership UFO and two angels sighted over Orange County in California; it's a very wild sighting, enjoy!

Note also that this heavenly/supernatural sighting comes with these credits: “Music & video by Didier Manchione. All rights reserved. Moonfull Publishing, Socan, Canada, 2014.”

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