UCI Opens Consumer Protection Clinic Tied to $18 Billion Mortgage Settlement with Banks

UC Irvine Law Professor Katherine Porter, who Attorney General Kamala Harris in March named to monitor California's landmark foreclosure settlement with five major banks, is starting a Consumer Protection Clinic to help homeowners get promised relief.

The school's role is part of a state settlement with the banks, which are
obligated to deliver up to $18 billion in California homeowner and
borrower benefits over the next three years.

Porter and UCI Law are currently enlisting law professors and students
to help Californians avoid foreclosure and unfair and deceptive business
practices such as robo-signings of mortgages, according to the

Katherine Porter, UCI Professor, Oversees $18 Billion Mortgage Settlement with Banks

“This is a truly unprecedented development, not only the size and nature of the settlement and monitoring process, but also the involvement of law students in helping the Attorney General aid troubled consumers,” Porter says in a UCI statement.

“There is no other legal clinic like this in the country in terms of offering multiple perspectives on consumer law. It will prepare UCI law students for sophisticated careers in law and policy–all while helping distressed homeowners.”

Porter will co-teach the Consumer Protection Clinic, and students will work directly with bank reps, homeowners, advocates and government lawyers. Their tasks include: helping troubled homeowners obtain loan modifications; developing and implementing compliance plans to monitor banks; communicating with the public, homeowners and legal advocates about the settlement; preparing public reports on compliance; and providing advice and support to the Attorney General.

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