UCI Law Students for Sensible Drug Policy Examine America's War on Drugs SATURDAY

UCI Law Students for Sensible Drug Policy examine America's war on drugs Saturday. I mean, they won't be examining war while on drugs, but examining the War on Drugs. You know, the one we're about as close to winning as any of those Choose Your Adventure wars in the Middle East.


Here's how UCI Law Students for Sensible Drug Policy describe their weekend conference:

An Associated Press investigation in 2010 concluded the United States has spent over $1 trillion on the War on Drugs since 1970. Despite decades of effort and incarcerating more than 37 million people for drug-related offenses, drug use remains high and drug supply and purity are greater than ever, according to various news reports. Speakers at this symposium will demonstrate how past prohibitionist policies have failed, and will discuss ways to re-evaluate and reform drug policymaking.

Keynote speakers are Graham Boyd, director of New Approach PAC that dumped a lot of money into Oregon's marijuana legalization campaign, and Dr. Lakisha Jenkins, founder & CEO of The Kiona Foundation, a holistic health organization based in Tracy.

Panel topics include: alternatives to incarceration; legalization efforts' emerging industries; and research and public health. Those panels will be filled with experts from the legal, political and judicial arenas, as well as civil rights activists, harm reduction workers, entrepreneurs and full-time reform workers.

The event runs from 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Saturday at UCI School of Law, 401 E. Peltason Drive, Irvine. More details at: http://www.law.uci.edu/events/student-run/lssdp-2015/.

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