UCI Cops Seek Man Who “Inappropriately” Touched Female Students, Bothers Others

UC Irvine Police are looking for a pervert.

No, that's not an insight into officers' personal lives but a warning to the campus community about a white man, age late 50s to early 60s, who has been bothering females who appear to be college students in and around UCI.


Mr. Stranger Danger approaches young ladies asking for directions or ideas on how to improve America, which makes me suspect my Uncle Brock who goes off every Thanksgiving about how this country is going to hell in a hand basket. But I know this man is not my Uncle Brock because the suspect hangs out at the Starbucks at California Avenue and Campus Drive, and ol' Unc is more a straight bourbon kinda fellow. The point is, the man sought by campus cops frequents shopping centers near UCI.

Of course, asking for directions or sharing world views is not a crime, mostly, but what makes the dude from the warning draw the police attention is after offering a UCI female student a ride to a local train station, he tried to touch her “inappropriately” once they arrived, according to campus cops. She was able to escape.

The car the guy was driving was described as possibly a gold colored, early model Lexus sedan. If you run into this guy, call the UC Irvine Police Department at 949.824.5223. Campus safety tips here: police.uci.edu.

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