Tyler, the Creator Detained by LAPD (Also, What Went Down at the Odd Future Show Last Night)

Three big things happened for Tyler, the Creator yesterday. First, Odd Future's mastermind dropped Goblin, his second full-length (but first on a major label). Second, he was detained by the LAPD. According to Rap Radar, Tyler “was cuffed for disturbing the peace earlier this afternoon while promoting the project at Westchester High School. He wasn't charged and was released shortly afterwards.”

Tyler had Tweeted,
“Fuck Those Cops. Had Us In Cuffs For No Reason, Didn't Do Shit.
'Disturbing The Peace, Loitering And Skating Pass A Cop' What The Fuck?” Good thing he was released in time for his last big thing of the day: he performed with Odd Future at the Troubadour to celebrate his album release. Good thing, too, otherwise we wouldn't have anything to review.

¬†Okay, so we weren't actually at the show…but trolling Tyler, the
Creator's Twitter feed gives us a pretty good idea of what went down.

1. Tyler moshed in his own mosh pit

  • I Swear To Atheist God Tho, FUCK COPS. I'm Moshing Tonight. Fuck Cops Fuck Cops

2. Rebecca Black's “Friday” made a cameo at the show

  • Odd Future Shows Have Mosh Pits To Rebecca Black And Rick Ross. Only Here.
  • We Moshed To FRIDAY By Rebecca Black. GOLF WANG SHIT

3. There were a lot of dudes at the show

  • It Is Like 4 Bitches In Here, And This Nigga Plays Ack Dat Azz Up. What The Fuck. This Show Is A Bro-Fest.
  • We Had So Many Bitches Overseas, This Show Is Like The Total Opposite. No Swag.

4. Everyone was there except for Earl Sweatshirt

  • Santa Clarita Niggas, Arrogant Veggies, Block Fam And Most Of All, ALL OF OF ( minus a couple) Was There For My Release. EPIC AS FUCK.
  • Seeing All My Niggas Like Smiling No Homo
    Made Me Feel Good. I Came A Long Ass Fucking Way Since 9th Grade. Even
    My 11th Gr Teacher Came
  • All My OF Niggas Was There, All The Block
    Homies And All My SC Homies Was There And Proud, And Thats All That
    Matters Fuck Everyone Else
  • Wish Early Man Was Here For Tonight, So Fucking Tight!

5. All in all, everyone had a great time.

  • My Body Hurts. I'm Out. Fuck. I Actually Have An Album In Stores. Damn. This Is Crazy. Now What Am I Gonna Dream About………

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