Two Women Charged With Trying to Pass Fake $100 Bills in Irvine's Chipotle, Pick Up Stix, Round Table

I do not condone counterfeiting, but if I were to try and pass off fake bills, I would not try to do it all in one day. I would not hit up so-so restaurants like Chipotle, Pick Up Stix, and Round Table Pizza. And I would definitely not try to do it in Irvine, a city where crime is so low that police officers would rather just harass poor people and Mexicans trying to play in city parks.

In short, I would not do what Niresha Collins and Tawny Chandler are accused of doing.


Per City News Service, “The 26-year-old Collins and Chandler were each charged with one count of criminal conspiracy, five counts of second-degree burglary, and five counts
of possessing or making counterfeit money, according to court records” for their little spree, which included a visit to a Carter's Baby Store.

Collins also did the smart thing of leading officers on a short car chase…and crashing soon after.

Again: was Chipotle, Pick Up Sticks and Round Table worth it? If it was a restaurant with Pappy Van Winkle, on the other hand…HA!

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