Two Tons of Marijuana Seized at San Clemente Checkpoint

U.S. Border Patrol agents seized 2 tons of marijuana at the immigration checkpoint near Camp Pendleton over the weekend. The bust occurred early Saturday morning, when agents stopped a U.S. citizen driving a Nissan van. Inside the rear of the 38-year-old man's vehicle, agents found 113 bundles of pot weighing 2,750 pounds, which they valued at $1.65 million, according to San Clemente Patch.

It's unclear how agents arrived at that figure, although presumably the pot was Mexican brick weed, given where it was seized and how much of it the driver was carrying.


This is the second high-profile bust at the checkpoint in just the past few weeks. On Jan. 24, agents stopped a 2011 Hyundai Elantra driven by a man wearing a suit and tie (which seemed odd given it was 1:15 a.m., according to another Patch article. (Glad someone's still keeping the lights on there.)

After determining the driver was in the country illegally, they searched the car. Inside, agents discovered a whopping 700 pounds of cocaine valued at $6.7 million. The haul represented the same amount as three-quarters of what the Border Patrol had seized in the entire previous year.

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