Two Things You Don't Want to Happen After Getting Pulled Over for DUI

What can be worse than getting out of your car to answer to a cop who pulled you over for alleged driving under the influence but mistakenly leaving the vehicle in reverse gear, causing it to back into the grill of said cop's patrol car?

Jumping in to the ride to stop it, pushing the gas pedal and crashing into a pole.

Laguna Beach Police Officer Tony White spotted a car weaving in and out of traffic near Broadway Street and South
Coast Highway about 11:30 p.m. Saturday before flashing his lights. It headed into a nearby gas station before the driver got out just as White was approaching the vehicle.

That's where the dashboard video below picks up the action.

Needless to say, 42-year-old Christian Aparicio was taken into custody for an alleged DUI crash, although crashes would be more accurate. Based on the video evidence, he should have just got out the car the second time with his wrists in the go-ahead-and-cuff-'em position.

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